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- 採用「全對焦光學設計」,瞳孔中心為近距離視力區,所以Biotrue® 1-DAY全舒適漸進CON特別加強中心區域視力,令使用智能手機或閱讀文件時更舒服清晰。
- 長時間使用電腦,對中距離視力的需求(50-70厘米距離)更大。所以Biotrue® 1-DAY全舒適漸進CON擁有寬闊的中距離視力區,令你的視線在電腦和文件中穿插亦不失清晰。
- Biotrue® 1-DAY全舒適漸進CON同樣擁有360度鎖水防乾技術1,減低淚水蒸發,真正16小時水漾舒適2
顧客需知 專業驗配中心

- 全對焦光學設計,遠中近視線清晰無障礙。
- 最薄矽水凝膠鏡3,配合ComfortMoistTM保濕因子,保持雙眼舒適及健康。
- 老花度數充足,覆蓋不同年齡的老花需要。
- 寬闊中段視野區,有效長時間應付電腦及文書工作。

- 利用Natra-Sight設計,無論在看書時、使用電腦時或者觀看街上的景物時令任何距離的視力都清晰自然。時刻展現青春、自然的一面。
  1. US Patent 8,197,841 (2012): Lindhardt, Salamone, Ammon and Hook.
  2. Twenty two subjects participated in a randomized, double-masked, contralateral eye study to evaluate water loss of Biotrue ONEday and 1-Day Acuvue Moist contact lenses. After 4, 8, 12 and 16 hours of wear, lenses were removed and immediately weighted (wet weight). The lenses were then completely dried and reweighed (dry weight). The percent water loss was then calculated for each lens from the wet and dry weights.
  3. Compared with the commonly available monthly silicone hydrogel lenses in Hong Kong Market.